Kids’ embarrassing problems solved

Pooing their pants, wetting themselves, nits and worms – they’re common problems that kids are teased about and make them feel embarrassed for years afterwards.

Here’s how to minimise the trauma and reassure them…

He still poos himself

‘One in four children between the ages of four and seven, soil or wet themselves – and sometimes we never find out why,’ says June Rogers, paediatric continence advisor at Liverpool Primary Care Trust.

‘Ask your doctor to refer you to the health visitor, school nurse or local continence advisor. There are various treatments, ranging from medicine to a change in diet. Children often soil themselves because they have passed an uncomfortable poo and are then scared of going to the toilet in case it happens again and they try to keep it in but can’t. It can also be caused by a change in diet or a new school, especially if they can’t go to the toilets during lesson time. or the school toilets are dirty. Talk to the teacher and point out that it’s a medical or emotional problem and that your child isn’t just being lazy.

Tell your child that lots of other kids have the same problem, and encourage them to tell an adult as soon as it’s happened. Pack a spare pair of pants, and if necessary, a spare school uniform so they can change themselves.’

Top tip: Hypnotherapy can be an effective way of solving your child’s wetting and soiling. Contact the Hypnotherapy Association
( on 01257 262124

Fact: It’s not just little children who have these problems. One in 40 teenagers still regularly wet the bed. One in 100 have soiling accidents.

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