Help your child do well at school

It’s a sad fact that many children, particularly boys, under-achieve as at school. Here’s what you can do to make sure your son is on track for success

Are you expecting too much?

First make sure you’ve got your facts right. What evidence do you have that he’s slipping behind? A disappointing school report? A poor mark for homework? Or do you just have a ‘hunch’ he could do better? If so, think carefully. Could you be expecting too much?
Young children develop and mature at different rates. Just because he’s struggling now, doesn’t mean he always will. It’s still very early days. So calm down, be patient and stop comparing him to his classmates. Is he trying his best? Does he seem happy at school and enthusiastic? If so, what more could you want?

Boost his confidence

Children do well when they feel good about themselves. So find a reason every day to praise him and boost his confidence. If he writes his name neatly or does his homework without a fuss, make sure you tell him how proud you are. Your praise must be genuine though – children know the difference between fake and real.

Top tip: Set aside a few minutes each night to help him with homework, and make sure he has a quiet place to do it away from younger siblings and the TV.

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