How to get kids to do the jobs they hate

Fed up of nagging them to tidy their room or do their homework? Here’s how to get them to do their chores.

Kids must have something hard-wired into their system that prevents them from picking up their dirty clothes, or doing their homework as soon as they get home from school. But there are ways to re-boot their drives, so they do as you command!

He won’t do his homework

My seven-year-old son hates doing his homework. It’s like pulling teeth. What can I do?

The solution:
‘The key is not to put him off homework for ever,’ says Helena Sharpstone of The Parent Company.

‘So, try not to be too heavy-handed. Talk to your child about when he thinks is the best time to do it – if you involve him in the decision making, he’s more likely to stick to the routine. Also, allow him breaks in between, rather than him doing it all in one go.’