How to stop shouting at your kids

Are you always shouting at your children? We know the feeling. Here’s how to get them to do something without you raising your voice, says family expert Jane Bidder.


If you whisper something, the chances are that they’ll have to be quiet to hear you. When they ask what you said, repeat it in a louder whisper so they can hear. They’re then more likely to lower their own voices.

Take time out

‘If my children start arguing back, I warn them that I’m not going to raise my voice’, says Ros Jay, mother of three and author of Kids & Co. ‘I’ll tell them I’m going into the kitchen and they can come and find me when they’re ready to talk properly.’

Use your tone of voice

Heather Summers, who’s a specialist in communications and language, advises: ‘Remember to drop your tone at the end of the sentence, otherwise it sounds like a question instead of a command.’