Christmas party organiser

It’s Christmas party season and as Christmas is all about the kids, what better way to celebrate and build up the excitement for them (and for you too) than by throwing a children’s Christmas party?

If your child has a birthday coming up, it’s a great excuse to combine the festivities with celebrating their special day. They’ll have a great time writing out our FREE Christmas party invites and preparing the decorations, Christmas party games, party food, costumes and transforming your living room into the North Pole!

And what Christmas party is complete without a Christmas cake? Your kids will love these Santa’s coming cupcakes or choose one from our 40 Christmas cake recipes.

Christmas party invites


Making your own Christmas party invitations is a great way to get the kids involved creatively in the preparations for their party, and show off their handy work to friends. If you’re short on time, try your hand at one of these fun, easy-to-make Christmas invitation ideas that’ll have the kids entertained for hours. Or just print off our FREE Christmas party invitation.

  • Make your own Christmas card invitations CHEAP!

Making your own Christmas cards is cheap, easy and great fun to do with the kids. Turn the inside of the card into an invite by writing down all your party details. Or see our guide to the best value greeting cards this year.

  • Mini Christmas present invitations SPLASHING OUT!

Give the kids something to open a little earlier this year by turning your invites into mini Christmas presents. Put invitations inside small boxes and wrap them up in Christmas paper and ribbons. Then make the kids feel extra special by saying Santa sent them.

  • Recycled Christmas postcard invitations FREE!

If you’re feeling thrifty, turn last year’s old Christmas cards into postcards. Cut off and keep the front part of the card and write your party details on the back. You could also stick our free invitation to the back of a postcard and fold it to fit the size of the card.

Christmas party decorations

You won’t need to spend lots of money on party decorations if you’ve already put up your Christmas tree, but we can help you add a touch of magic to your Christmas party with these decoration ideas and easy ways to turn your house into the North Pole.

  •  Christmas angels

The tree is an essential part of the festivities but have you got a Christmas tree angel? The kids will have fun making our cute Christmas angel plus they can make a wish when you put it on top of the tree. Or print out our quick, paper angel and get the party guests to colour them in.

  • The North Pole in your living room

Turn your house into the North Pole by buying some fake snow, scattering it around the living room floor and piling it up in the corners or on the window sills. Then hide some candy canes in the fake snow so that when the kids play around in it, they’ll find a sweet surprise! Next, hang some fairy lights on the walls and from the ceiling or wrap them around objects like the fireplace for a magical atmosphere.

  • Santa’s grotto

The North Pole isn’t complete without Santa! If you can persuade someone to dress up as Santa or Mrs Claus, it will make your party extra special. Use bed sheets to make a Santa’s grotto by draping and hanging them off the ceiling. Then when the kids arrive, Santa or Mrs Claus could be waiting inside the grotto to give each child a small present. Giving gifts this way way is a great alternative to party bags too.

Christmas party costumes

Give out Santas hats or little elf hats at your Christmas party. This is a quick and easy Christmas costume idea that won’t cost you lots of money and the kids will love wearing them too. You could also use face paints to draw on red noses or frosty cheeks when the kids come in, or have tinsel bracelets to give out for that sparkly Christmas party feel.

Christmas party food

Christmas is all about sweet treats and tasty festive food that the kids don’t usually get to eat, like these fun Rudolph cupcakes with cranberries in them or frosted peppermint snowflake candy. We’ve choosen a delicious selection of Christmas party food that will wow your party guests and make them feel like Christmas has truly arrived!

Christmas cakes

Christmas party games

No Christmas party is complete without some fun, festive party games! Get the kids excited with early presents in ‘pass the Christmas parcel’ and add some Christmas cheer by getting them to pin the nose on Rudolph – but quickly as Santa has to leave soon and he needs Rudolph’s red nose to light up the way.

  • Pass the Christmas parcel

Pass the parcel is a game we all know and love. Wrap the parcel up in different coloured Christmas paper and pop a small gift in with each layer too. Get the kids to pass the parcel around in a circle until the music stops. Keep going until the main present is revealed first.

  • Pin the red nose on Rudolph

Another classic with a Christmas spin. Like pin the tail on the donkey, blindfold your kids and get them to stick the red nose on Rudolph the reindeer. For the really skilled, spin them around a few times.

  • Christmas craft party activities

Gather the children around a table and have fun making Christmas crafts. We’ve got lots of ideas that are easy to make and great fun. You could help them make Christmas cards,

angels, advent calendars, a Christmas wreath or pick from our Christmas craft ideas that they can take home to show their mum. The best craft could also win a prize.

We hope you have a Merry Christmas and a great Christmas party from all at goodtoknow!

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