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Crafts for kids

Half-term crafts

Winter is such a great time to make crafts with the kids because when it's cold and wet outside you can keep warm and cosy inside by gathering around the table and making some fun crafts.


But just because it's chilly outside doesn't mean you can't get out and about too, hunting for some free and natural craft materials on your doorstep. Look for conkers, pine cones, and dried leaves to make nice things out of, like peg dolls with clothes made out of garden leaves, or colouful pine cones to decorate your home with.


And if the school holidays are approaching, you'll be looking for lots of fun ways to get creative with the kids so they don't get bored! Let them try making loads of different crafts that you can give out as special homemade presents for their loved ones.


Granny and Grandad will love receiving a family tree craft made especially for them by your little ones and how about teaching them to knit and making some knitted hearts for their friends?


Here are some of your favourite winter crafts for kids:


Do you get crafty with the kids? We'd love to see your pictures. Send them to us on Facebook or tell us about them in our comments section below.

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