18 animals who just can’t cope with this weather

It’s that time of year again when the temperature drops and the heavens open.

Winter is the worst and these intelligent animals agree with us.

With a seriously cute way of protesting against the cold weather, this bunch are our kind of guys. If only hibernating for humans was ok…

1. ‘Since when did wearing a jacket mean you have to go outside?’

Image: imgr
‘I’m okay right here thanks.’

2. This guy’s face says it all

Image: imgr
‘It’s far too cold out there to do anything.’

3. Have you ever been so cosy you could hardly open your eyes?

Image: imgr
A ‘purrito’ does look pretty cosy, reckon we could get away with a human version?

4. Nothing beats a winter snuggle with your best friend

Image: imgr
So cute it’s making us hyperventilate slightly – room for one more?

5. Think cats’ fur keeps them warm in winter? Think again

Image: imgr
Everyone knows to be truly snuggly, you’ve got to have fur AND a blanket.

6.’Walk time? You’re joking right?’

Image: imgr
‘Not a chance human, I’m staying right here where I belong

7. ‘Ok guys, I’m ready for bed – this is my sleep hat and scarf’

Image: imgr
It’s a well known fact that dogs only wear winter accessories when they plan on going for a deep sleep.

8. ‘Let’s not get up today, ok?’

Image: imgr
Yes those are tiny fluffy kittens dressed in sweater-socks.

9. Just look at those tiny paws, far too soft to step outside

Image: imgr
If only we could all look this cute while wrapped in a towel.

10. ‘Don’t push it, I’m not going anywhere’

Image: imgr
We’re pretty sure there’s no reasoning with this chap, once he’s cosy he ain’t budging.

11.’Hit the snooze button on my alarm won’t you?’

Image: imgr
Dark mornings were not made for getting out of bed, guys.

12. ‘What, have you never seen trotter socks before?’

Image: imgr
If not you should probably hang your head in shame, these piglet accessories are set to be big in 2016.

13. Taking pigs in blanket to a whole new level

Image: imgr
Once you’ve let your pet pig snuggle on your lap in a tiny jacket, the chances of them wanting to go outside again are going to be low.

14. ‘Please don’t make me go outside’

Image: imgr
Could you? With a face like that?

15. That’s what you call a cat-blanket-sandwich, catchy eh?

Image: imgr
Pretty much how we feel every morning.

16. ‘I think I’ll just stay here all day, thanks’

Image: imgr
When will it be our turn to just be snuggled in a blanket and left to snooze all day?

17. ‘I got up once, it wasn’t fun, so now I stay in bed all day’

Image: imgr
Is there room for us in there please?

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