13 times this dachshund rocked better outfits than you

Dachshunds. They’re not big, they’re not tall, and they don’t come in conventional doggy-shape. But they do dress well. Bloody well.

This is Crusoe. His owners Ryan and Laurence create handmade costumes for the five-year-old sausage, and watch him pose away in a variety of exotic locations. From desert islands, to ski slopes, he’s even dabbled in aerodynamics.

This dog’s got style and here are 13 times he proved it. There’s something particularly appeasing about a small, elongated dog wearing a hat, wouldn’t you agree?


1. ‘Mastered the black slope before I learnt to wee outside. And what?’

2. ‘This monkey is unnerving me.’

3. ‘I captain this ship and you shall steer accordingly, half-wit human in the floppy hat.’

4. ‘What do you mean did I do something different? I always look like this. Can’t you tell by my aloof forest pose?’

5. Is it just me or is there something about Woody’s eyes here which seem to say he’s seen things you can’t even imagine? 

6. How much better would the Batman and Robin scene in Only Fools and Horses have been if it were like this?

7. Literally, hot dogs.

8. ‘I ate Polly.’

9. Well, it’s more comfortable than Easy Jet I suppose.

10. Frankenstein just got good.

11. ‘Chilllllldren of the niiiiiight…’

12. ‘My human doesn’t seem to understand that I can’t actually see.’

13. JAWS V


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