Download our FREE family Christmas quiz!

Download and print out our FREE family Christmas quiz for 2014!

With more than 100 questions, on topics from Christmas traditions to events of this year, and separate rounds for younger players too, this is a quiz the whole family can get involved in – and it’s totally free!

There are two packs for you to download and print – a question pack and an answer pack. You only need one question pack – this is for your quizmaster to read the questions and check the answers with. You’ll then need enough answer packs for each person or team that’s playing.

How to play:

1. Download and print one question pack for your quizmaster.
2. Download and print one answer pack per team.
3. Equip everyone with pens or pencils, and get them to come up with a suitably Christmassy team name.
4. Get quizzing!
5. At the end of each round, swap papers, and get the quizmaster to read out the answers. Remember to make a note of your score.
6. Once the quiz is over, add up your total points from each round and find out who has won!

In the answer packs you’ll also find a special drawing round, which is perfect for keeping smaller children busy whilst the adults argue over how many gold rings there are in the Twelve Days of Christmas song. Make sure you’ve got some crayons or pencils handy for this!

Now all you need to do is enter your email address, download the packs, and you’ll have everything you need for an afternoon of festive fun!

Download your FREE family Christmas quiz now