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Irene Els

Does anybody have patterns for the love doll which was a big hit in the 1980's. The doll is approx 41cm (16inches) high. Thanks Irene


Does anyone have the knitting pattern for Snow White and the 7 dwarfs please. .? Would love to get it.


hi does anyone have the Dora the explorer pattern that I could have emailed to me? I live in Canada an have no way of getting this magazine and my daughter is a huge Dora fan. Hope someone can help me... Thanks


I was trying to get the booties pattern. It won't take my postal code even if I say I'm in the US. I don't understand why I need to sign up for an account to download a free digital pattern. So disappointed.

Charlotte Gunn - Editor

Hi guys, most of our knitting patterns now sit on the new and improved Woman's Weekly website. There are lots of free and paid knitting patterns from their extensive archive in the shop too. Have a look at it over here

Charlotte Gunn - Editor

Hi Butterfly, the Peppa pattern is temporaily offline while it gets a bit of a revamp but here is a link to the Peppar Pig jumper pattern:


I'm looking for a jenny kee pattern it has two rosellas in gum leaves and a map of Australia on elbow I think it's from 1988

Gemma Chandler

Hi Julie, We're so sorry but the Peppa Pig knitting pattern is temporarily unavailable. We're hoping to have Peppa back very shortly! In the meantime, you can buy this cute Prince George special Peppa Pig knitting pattern for £3.99, and this Peppa Pig jumper knitting pattern for £4.99, here: x


Hi I am desperately trying to find the Peppa Pig toy pattern its not there on the website/shop.


What a mess this site is. I have been trying to get the Peppa Pig pattern as promised in magazine and it's hopeless.


does anyone have a pattern for the Peruvian type farmyard cardigan for a child

Jean Houston

Help, needed urgently - I knitted a lovely rabbit on front all-in-one with rabbit hat and bootees for my baby great-niece whne he was born -- she's now a teenager! I thought that I had kept the pattern but now I want to knit another I can't find it anywhere. Can anybody Help?


Many years ago late 80's I knitted my 2 yr old son a cardigan it was sky blue had a rainbow on the back and over the sleeve and on the front were clouds and rain it was the best id ever knitted everyone commented on it iv moved house lost the pattern I think it was from womens weeklybor womens own can you help , lynn

mi mi

trying to find pattern for jumper with pepper pig on front


Hi, Im looking for a free downloadable simple cat knitting pattern. If anyone could tell me where to find one

Charlotte Gunn - Editor

Hi Vera, try and email Woman's Weekly direct on

vera newbury

I cant find the knitting pattern for the pink jumper ive knitted the waistcoat on the trousers now but need the pink jumper pattern please

jennie edington

ordered and paid for a copy of the Vintage short-sleeved cardigan (which was in your magazine a couple of months ago now). Have still not received this pattern - how can I get it, as I wanted to make it as a Christmas present?

Knitwit nan

I have the pattern!


Do you have a cricket type tank top for prem babies please

Ms Elizabeth Anderson

Thank you Womans Weekly for your web pages...someone to share with


looked and looked for copy of Paddingtom bear Kniting pattern. Had one from your book,but lost it. Please help.j


if I can get free crotchet and knitting patterns that will be great


I am looking for a knitting pattern from the 1980's. It was from a womens magazine and was a white jacket with duffle coat type fastenings (toggles). It had turned back cuffs and was done in stripes of a bobble pattern (trinity or blackberry stitch) and a diagonal cable pattern (coming to an upside down V in the centre) I seem to remember it was knitted in white/cream. Does anyone have this pattern they can sell/send me as I lost my folder of patterns when I moved house. Many thanks


yes,,me too

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