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Jacqueline G

I am so pleased for Emily and hope all goes well for her,love her character Marilyn in Home and Away and loved her in Emmerdale best of luck to her and her husband.


congratulations olivia had my daughter at 41 fantastic so glad I did x


what a load of rubbish! a good loving home is what is important.

Tracey Harman

Congratulations To Olivia Colman


A lot of women don't even get married until their early 30s these days so how can you be a Grandma at 40? My friend had her children in her early 30s and didn't become a Grandma until she was in her 60s. You must be very young as you act as though 40 is old, which it most definitely isnt?


I mean Nicola!


Never even thought & she has had some tough stories lately. I was 2 days from 40 when I had my son. Grown up now and married with 2 of his own. Congrats.!

S. Adams

I had my daughter when I was 40 and am now 61, and do not agree it is too old to have a child, I am enjoying helping my daughter university just as much as any younger mother.


knew Nicola from emmerdale was pregnant for months you could clearly see it in the soap alonG with charity being pregnant also LOL!!!!!!


Who cares, more tax payers money going into private maternity and post natal care, not to mention all the free living forever! They're like posh council folk!


are you stupid. william and kate are never going to see this. 2 people having a baby breaking news. i dont think you're stupid though sorry for being nasty. you're a nice person. i like your hair

Julie Mehmet

Congratulations to you and your family Sam. Hoping all goes well..Ignore the Negatives under my post.

gabby evans

sorry but there bound to be complications age 50 i shouldn be allowed


Unusual and I like it


Fans of Hunger Games I guess. It could be worse.

Jenny Eatwell

Maybe they just couldn't spell "Cadence" - as in the musical term. ;)

Carol Stapleton

I just wonder .....that's it


Fantastic! Age is just a number. 50 is the new 30. Children accept their parents as they are. Being good parents has nothing to do with age.

Christine Hinton

Good luck Tina X


That the age to be a nana not a mum. I wouldn't want to deal with a teenager in my 60's


Wonderful news! We're absolutely thrilled! Congratulations William & Kate! May you both be blessed with a trouble-free pregnancy & have a beautiful, healthy baby to shower your love on!

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