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I bet he does love being pampered. I used to go to a local childrens zoo when I was a child. every day, and they used to let me in for free to see the animals. I made friends with a smallish monkey (I dont know what type he was, but he may well have been a macaque as he was about that size), and was able to put my hands in the cage and he would attempt to groom me. He never once attempted to bite me, so I was completely accepted by him. However, one day my mum was with me and I persuaded her to put her hand in his cage, and he immediately took a big lump out of her, because he didnt know her or her smell. Boy did I feel guilty for encouraging her to do that. I have also had my finger sucked my a tiger cub (in the same Zoo) and seen the owner kiss his porcupine Charlie on the lips. It was a magical place, but as I got older I realised the animals werent living in the best conditions for their breed etc, so I was very glad when the Zoo was closed down. They were very well fed and loved by the Zoo owners, but sometimes that just isnt enough is it? All animals should be as free as possible, and if kept in captivity should have as natural an environment as possible too. They are as entitled to happiness and freedom as the rest of creation arent they?

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