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There's people being brutally killed in this world, sickness, homelessness, starvation and you choose to print unimportant news about Kate's hair!!! It looks no different! Had she had gone for a dramatic change, maybe that would've been of interest to some, but to print about her straggly ends being trimmed... Come on! Please tell us (the Media) how this usless piece of information has made a difference.



Cherelle Smith

Well we all know the Queen didn't like her long hair. Maybe she has had to do as she's told!

Carol Coombs

She's entitled to change her look as much as the rest of us!!


Long flowing hair with the posh frock & tiara would have looked too Disney for the wife of the heir to the throne. thought she looked really good.

mary felton

Gives her a slightly harder look, doesn't show her true 'prettyness'

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