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Beer and a burger. Great! Well done him. I do stuff like that most days and am I getting any 'well done' for it? No. I don't need it or want it. It's ridiculous that just because he's a celebrity he gets so much attention.


This would be a lovely natural photo if only VB had another facial expression besides that awful I AM SO SEXY one she has on he face, same as she has in every photo of her. ...... Family photo Vic not the place for sexy, get over yourself.


She's a baby ,leave the poor child alone . As my old granny said "If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all " .


Exactly sense is talking in the world

Jan Moore

That's no smile, she is cute but that is more of a grimace!

Jan Moore

Just like her mummy, eh? The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree...!


Harper is a stupid name, and she's always grumpy.

Bernie Ward

all little children are gorgeous

Laura Quayle

Not meaning to be rude, but why is Harper always described as gorgeous? Isn't she just an average-looking toddler?

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