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Julia Howard

I have never forgotten the time I was introduced to her and Prince Philip. It is something I will always look back on with fond memories and a touch of embarrassment courtesy of Prince Philip which amused my colleagues for a long while after. God save her and look after her always


Oh dear ! very brave to show 'it'


How fantastic to still enjoy being in the saddle. Very sensible, beautiful highland pony. The Queen continues to look as beautiful as ever. Always surprised She will not wear a riding hat! Would prefer to see her with hat flattened hair than hear she has sustained a head injury from coming off.


Can't an artist be found who is willing to paint the Queen looking HAPPY! The stamp was bad enough, but the portrait of her by Daniel Llywelyn Hall is abominable. I think most of us have got kids/grandkids who could do a better job of the face - and why has she stuffed the weekly shop down her top??


I love to see the Queen with a big smile on her face and the look of absolute glee, when her horse won the gold cup at Ascot, was priceless! Well done Your Majesty!!


The Queen will always be beautiful in my eyes despite of her age. She is wise and hardworking. Long live the Queen!

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