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Her hands are huge


The Queen's head looks too small for her body in this portrait. It's really not flattering at all. Don't think Her Majesty will be very pleased with this.

Audrey Goldsmith

Dreadful disgrace Worse portrait of her I have every seen


I like the dress, very professionally painted but the hands and face look like they have been done by an enthusiastic amature. They don't seem to be in proportion to the rest of the body. The Queen appears to be fiddling with her wedding ring. I can't think of any other reason why her left hand would be in such a curious position The hair is quite well done but appears to be placed on top of the head, like a wig, rather than growing from it. If the portrait had been done by a young art student you could say that they show promise but I am surprised that an established artist would produce such an unflattering picture of a lady who, although advanced in years, is still very elegant


Off with his head!




Unfortunately the queen looks like Frankie Howard in drag!! Terrible portrait.


Ridiculous portrait of the Queen!...

Alan Reynolds

Rather a small head on a big body. I would not allow it to be shown in public if I was the Queen .As I am just setting out as an artist I think that I will soon be at this standard .


A terrible portrait. Without the caption I would never have known it was supposed to depict the Queen

Carole Husbands

This picture is truly insulting! I agree with Cynth, it looks like a child's drawing.

Mariella Bonello

Her majesty's not ugly


Do these artists compete to see who can produce the most insulting picture of Her Majesty. It looks like a child's drawing doesn't it?


She looks like David Walliams


I don't like the new portrait at all.

Valerie Parnaby

Terrible! If I were the Queen I would feel most insulted.

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