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The very best tree (im not being biast) is the bayberry real feel tree!


Hi James, Not at all - these are available across the UK and larger stores do tend to offer more competitive prices. Please highlight any cheaper alternatives that are available nationally. Thanks, Tara

James Whiteley (White Stores)

Tara, i'm a little confused?? These trees are all from multi national companies and not smaller independent family run businesses which is what help to make this country what it is today.. Why are you only choosing to review / promote christmas trees from these faceless companies who are only concerned with profits (Which aren't taxed in the UK), oppose to promoting well run smaller businesses who spend soooo much time ensuring they offer the best quality & service they can to customers because they care?? It seems in todays world we are looking to support the little man, just the corporate machine... Would love to hear your thoughts...

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