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When my children were little I used to nibble the carrots and throw them onto the front lawn. I would then scrape some soot down from the chimney and sprinkle some on the carpet. Then on Christmas morning after r they had found their presents I would wash the carpet muttering that its all very well for him, at least he could have cleaned his boots!! We could hear them whispering "uh-oh! He's in trouble again!" And the following year when we went to see him at his grotto, I would give Santa a wink while telling him off for leaving soot on my carpet last year! I loved all that! :-)


when i was little my two elder brothers had their gifts each sied of the fire place &mine the baby of the family were in the middle .i have a magical childhood.


my finger slipped as i have arthtiris,i ment to put 5stars


when we were little my mum used to put food out for Santa then eat most of it but stick cotton wool around the glass & only eat part of the mince pies even leaving just a bit of the reindeer's carrot it all made Christmas for us more magical! Now I just love to see children's faces at Christmas it remind's me of Christmas's past.

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