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Puratasi is good for new baby born? October 1-10 might b my date

Scarlet Reyes

I was given birth on November 21st and am the first child of my parents but everything seems difficult right now and things seems to be as if it won't be alright but people including pastors keep telling me that my future is bright....what do you think about my month ?


I was interested in this article, however I'm in Canada, so the situations and variables are entirely different. Which is interesting in itself. Our school age requirements are different; December 31st. So my babies born in December are the youngest in their classes. Weather and seasons also must play a large role and in this respect we are similar.

suchita mishra

How is January for birth of child

Sarah Curran

I don't really believe in all this, but it's good fun to read, and interesting to think about! There's one thing I feel I have to comment on- I was an August baby, and I had to object to the part where it said August babies can struggle at school, as they would be the youngest in the class! My mum sent me to school at 5, as she thought just gone 4 was too young, so I guess I was one of the oldest in the class! You can start school at 4 OR 5, so saying you're one of the youngest in the class just because you were born in August isn't necessarily true!


Hmmm I was born in February and like music but, who doesn't no matter what star sign a person was born under. So, for me it's a bit vague. I've actually had my birth chart worked out by a professional astrologer. And, taking into consideration the time, place and day I was born I discovered that I'm more Capricorn than Aquarius which seems to ring true for me and am deeply interested in health and science topics. xxx

julie-anne keane

I would of loved to have tried this out , but just read ! Also my son's birth month is December and mine is March ! He will be 13 this year and I am 53 I wonder what would of been revealed ? Julie-Anne K


I think there's something to it, but how it works I haven't a clue

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