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Peter Nisbet

It would be highly suspicious if not downright illegal if anybody were to hide in the bushes round my home and take photos of my kids. Why do the same laws not apply here?


Oh dear I think JSP needs to be careful - bearing in mind little Prince George was wearing an identical outfit to that of Prince William in 1984. I suspect William and Kate dressed little George this way as a mark of respect and remeberance to Diana, who could obviously not be present at the Christening! tsk tsk JSP.


My late Mother-in-Law knitted a beautiful lace shawl and bonnet and booties for my first born girl. I used them with my 2nd and 3rd baby girls. Then my 2nd daughter used them for her two baby sons, my grandsons. So what's wrong with passing down a family heirloom. We do it as much as the Royals! I think he looks adorable!


Get off your high horse and stop being so sycophantic - George is being dressed as if he lives the 17th century just to ensure we are know that these people are supposedly our superiors. George William and the others are an anachronsim

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