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I love it and Diana will be with them in some form. I lost my son and I have a photo of him put with me and it means do much to me.

Bernadette Burgoyne

I think it is what Diana would be doing anyway. i Like it. I think William and Harry would feel the same. Love and aaaah!


I agree that this is just creepy. I'm sure William won't forget his mum but she needs to be left to Rest in Peace.


I hope with all my heart that william and Harry never get to see this picture. Whoever put it on the web is thoughtless, without imagination and cruel. Take it off please Buddy


Disqus?? Don't you mean discussion?


Well of course she's tiny, newborns generally are - Duh!! And the shawl & bonnet are not matching, the shawl is clearly white and the bonnet is cream. Who writes for this?!! They need glasses amongst other things lol!!


She's her step grandmother by marriage.


While I would never dream of sending a gift, I realize there are and always will be people who DO send them, and that's their choice. They are obviously people who appreciate and approve of the royals, and I am proud to say I am one of them! They generate millions of pounds for the British economy, and are goodwill ambassadors wherever they go. We are the envy of the world for our royals, and it's not just tourists who love them. Women across the globe look to see what Kate is wearing and instantly the dress or whatever is a sell-out! The same with Prince George's outfits! Without our royals Britain would become just another faceless democracy.


Camilla is not Princess Charlotte's grandmother!


Aha, Save the Rhino Trust, good for young Harry, bit ironic as the Royal family are known for their shooting habits and even more ironic is the fact his grandfather was President of the WWF and had a penchant for shooting the odd tiger !


Like you " hills " ....why would any one send gifts to someone with everything ? Are people crazy ? Do they think it will be appreciated ? Even keep the gift ? Us minions should keep our hard earned...after all we pay out enough on these royals.....they are begging for money to update Bucks House now of course...will those gift buyers be sending some money through to help out ?


there is no point in this disqus nothing will change. where is everyone with an opinion?


why would anybody send toys etc to someone who has everything and always will have.what about all those children out there who have so little or even nothing. Get a grip . there are more important people out there. you need to get in the real world.

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