How to help your kids with their homework

As much as your kids may hate it, homework is a fact of life. It’s likely that they’ll start getting homework when they’re in year 1 and by the time they’re in year 11 they could be getting up to 2 and a half hours per night. Here we explain how you can help your kids with their homework.

Children in primary school are bound to need your help with homework, especially when they’re learning to read. But once they reach secondary school, the schools need to see how well they understand the work on their own – but that doesn’t mean that you can’t help them anymore. Simply helping them to get organised can make a big difference.

Helping kids with their homework

* Set up a good working area for them: Make sure they have somewhere to work where they have no distractions, like having a TV on in the background. They may need to computer for their work, but keep them away from social networking sites like MSN, MySpace and Facebook while their doing homework – hours can easily be spent on these sites.
* Make sure they have all the necessary equipment: Whether it’s access to the internet, text books, a calculator or just pens and pencils, make sure they have what they need to get the work done.
* Experiment with different techniques to help them learn: Particularly when it comes to revising for exams, different learning techniques could really help. Encourage them to use different materials like revision guides and also to include things like diagrams and mind maps in their revision – it’ll engage them more than just reading text books and writing notes.
* Help them to get organised: Once your kids reach secondary school, homework becomes more complicated to organise as they’ll be getting different types of homework from different subjects. So help them to organise their work load – make sure they know all their deadlines and how long the work will take. Consider setting out a homework timetable for them which will encourage them to do the work a bit at a time rather than leaving it all until the last minute.
* Offer them a reward when the work is done: Something small, like a new CD or a trip to the cinema could help to motivate your kids to do their homework. Sometimes they just need something to get them going – especially if they’d rather be out with friends or playing on the computer.Microsoft office header