‘I see you don’t think much of girls’ Mother slams Morrisons over ‘sexist’ children’s t-shirts

A mother has complained to Morrisons on social media after spotting a range of t-shirts which had different slogans for boys and girls being sold in store.

The post, by Shelley Roche-Jacques, has divided opinion on Twitter, with users debating whether the supermarket chain should be selling t-shirts with different messages for boys and girls.

While the collection of slogan t-shirts for girls appeared to concentrate on their outer appearance, with phrases including ‘Little girl, big smiles,’ and ‘Pretty little me’ the t-shirts for boys were more aspirational and had slogans such as ‘Little man, big ideas’ and ‘King of the castle’.

The tweet, which was posted on Monday, read: ‘Looking 4 kids’ holiday clothes this morning @Morrisons Didn’t buy anything. I see you don’t think much of girls @letclothesbe @PinkstinksUK.’

The message has since had over 100 comments, including many from tweeters who supported her views.

One reply said: ‘This is EXACTLY why MOST of my girls’ clothes are purchased from the boy’s section…at many different stores.’

Another agreed: ‘Completely agree. This is encouraging and expecting boys to be aspirational but girls to be pretty. Very poor.’

‘This is absolutely appalling, @Morrisons,’ a third exclaimed. It’s Victorian. Rank sexism and misogyny. Girls must smile and be pretty, but boys have the big ideas?’

Some even called for Morrisons to stop selling the t-shirts altogether: ‘Social stereotyping alive and well at Morrisons in the 21st century. You should take these off your rails now.’

However, not everyone agreed with her tweet, with one commenting: ‘I’m all for equal rights ect. but these are just kids t-shirts so grow up and get on with your life. Much bigger issues than this in life.’

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Morrisons have responded via Twitter more than once, with one tweet saying: ‘Sorry you feel this way! I’ve fed this back to our buyer for review. Thanks for raising this.’

A second, directed at another, subsequent complaint, explained: ‘Girls t-shirts with slogans like these are very popular with our customers… but there’s also girls t-shirts with, “I want to be a rock star” and “girl power” messages in store now.’