Has your child made Santa’s naughty list? The naughtiest kids’ names REVEALED!

When you named your little bundle of joy, did you ever think that years down the line, their baby name might become infamous for being the naughtiest kid in the class, or for spending most of their time on the naughty step?

Every year a new list of ‘naughty’ names is revealed – and we wince as we see our carefully-chosen names make the cut.

This year, School Stickers have come up with a list of the naughtiest and nicest names, just in time for Christmas – and it’s bad news if your name is Laura, Eleanor, Adam or Joseph…

Naughtiest girls’ names 2016

Laura Eleanor Daisy
Anna Ruby
Isabelle Elizabeth Alice
Georgia Jasmine

Naughtiest boys’ names 2016

Adam Joseph Charlie Callum Ben Jacob Matthew Ryan
Ethan Oliver

Of course, you can’t have a naughtiest list without a nicest list too, so here are the nicest names for girls and boys this year.

Nicest girls’ names 2016

Chloe Emily
Sophie Jessica Megan Lucy Hannah Amy
Lauren Katie

Nicest boys’ names 2016

Jack Daniel Joshua Harry James Thomas Samuel Luke

One of your brood on the naughty list? Don’t worry – as managing director Neil Hodges says: ‘Our annual ‘Santa’s naughty and nice list’ is just a bit of Christmas fun and not to be taken seriously.

‘There are many children called Adam and Laura that are wonderfully well-behaved and plenty of kids named Chloe and Jack that are hardly little angels!’

Naughty names 2015

This isn’t the first year that School Stickers have decided who makes the nice list and who is stuck on the naughty list – and the names for 2015 were certainly different to their 2016 counterparts…

Naughtiest girls’ names 2015

Leah Eleanor Jasmine Abigail Olivia Holly Georgia Chloe Amelia Shannon

Naughtiest boys’ names 2015

Joseph James Joshua Luke Samuel Matthew Daniel Mohammed Owen George

Nicest girls’ names 2015

Anna Courtney Millie Miah Grace Bethany Lily Ella Ellie Laura

Nicest boys names 2015

Harry Ryan Ethan Lewis Ben Adam Nathan Oliver Dylan Benjamin

Naughty names 2014

In 2014 a study looked at the good behaviour records of over 63,000 school children, and ranked them from naughty to nice in terms of names.

The research studied the names of children who were logged for displaying good behaviour or getting awards such as stickers in online sticker books.

Naughtiest girls’ names 2014

Ella Holly Bethany Courtney Eleanor Amber Olivia Caitlin Laura Jade

Naughtiest boys’ names 2014

Joseph Jamie Cameron Lewis William Benjamin Jake Ethan Joshua Luke

Nicest girls’ names 2014

Amy Sophie Georgia Abigail Emma Hannah Charlotte Emily Grace Alice

Nicest boys’ names 2014

Jacob Harry Daniel Samuel Thomas Jack James Oliver Adam Ryan

Naughty names 2013

How did the latest results compare to the year before? Is there a pattern or is there just no way of predicting what will appear next year?

It seems there are lots of things which happen early on in a baby’s life that can predetermine how the rest of it will pan out. The month your baby’s born, for example, can determine their academic intelligence, their future career choices, temperament, and even their risk of developing certain diseases.

Naughtiest girls’ names 2013

Video of the Week

Phoebe Olivia Holly Alice Bethany Ella Eleanor
Megan Amber Caitlin

Naughtiest boys’ names 2013

Michael Benjamin Owen Luke Kyle Lewis George Connor Adam Liam

Nicest girls’ names 2013

Courtney Rachel Shannon Lucy Amy Nicole Jessica Abigail Sophie Jade

Nicest boys’ names 2013

Robert Jamie Oliver Alex Kieran Nathan Daniel Brandon Joseph Jake

Did your child appear on the list of naughty kids’ names? And do you think the lists are accurate? Let us know by leaving a comment below.