Pirate costumes for kids

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If you're holding a pirate party or your child has been invited to one, you'll need a pirate costume! We've rounded up the best of the pirate costumes in the shops.

If you’re holding a pirate party or your child has been invited to one,
you’ll need a pirate costume to make sure they’re all ready to hoist the
Jolly Roger and sail the seas in their galleon, looking for
swashbuckling adventures! Luckily we’ve found a real treasure trove of
pirate outfits for children in the shops and online, starting from just
£8 of gold coins.

Your child could be a pirate captain, a
straightforward pirate with eye patch and cutlass and if it’s a really
sunny day, the sunsafe pirate outfit is perfect. And girls don’t have to
be left out of the pirate party – they can join in too with a special
pirate girl outfit complete with pink eye patch on the hat and sequinned

If you’re creative you could try making your outfit yourself, with a little help from one of the packs below.

forget the extras your child will need too! Maybe a parrot on the
shoulder, an eye mask, a cutlass for swashbuckling fun or maybe a hook
for a hand?

Now your child’s ready to enjoy the perfect pirate party!

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