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So they've left Primary school, but they're not quite teenagers yet - they're pre-teens! Raising pre-teens can be a daunting task as they get closer to puberty and those all-important life decisions about school, further education and their futures. But whatever your worries - you've come to the right place to get information and advice from experts and other mums! 

School advice

Before you know it, they'll be choosing their GCSE subjects - so help them discover what they're good at now with our guide to what they learn at key stage 3. Bullying might be a worry for you when your kids move to secondary school - so check out our bullying help and advice section. 

Health help

It's at this age that your child's body will start changing as they reach puberty and this is a great time to teach them about health and make sure they're following a healthy lifestyle. Read these 10 tips from Dr Miriam Stoppard on making sure your pre-teen is healthy. If you're worried about your child's weight check out Dr Rana Conways advice on ways to tackle obesity in children.

Social development tips

As pre-teens, they'll be starting to want more independence and you may need advice to stop them growing up too fast. But, as grown-up as they seem, they still need you to help build their confidence.

Fun stuff

Pre-teens are not too old for a day out, a fab birthday party or a trip to a restaurant (use our discounts!). 

Worried about sex, drugs, alcohol or relationships? Check our teens section for great advice. 

Entertain the kids

Family Days Out

Want to have fun with the kids? We'll find you all sorts of suggestions in your area

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