Step-by-step guide to building your family tree

The 1911 census has just published online for the first time, making building your family tree easier than before.

The latest documents have discovered that David Beckham’s great-great-great grandfather was a ‘mudlark’ – a scavenger who trawled the Thames for useful things like rope, shoes and copper nails to sell.

The 1911 census is now available at and will help thousands of people find out more about their ancestors lives, detailing their jobs, who they lived with and their social status.

If you’re interested in starting yours follow our step-by-step guide to building your own family tree. And why not contact us to let us know what you find out! Vicky has – read what surprises she found out about.

Step 1 – Choose where to build your tree

Step 2 – Talk to relatives

Step 3 – Types of records

Step 4 – Finding the records

Step 5 – Using the Internet