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  • 3 under 3 children mummy blog

    3 under 3: Growing pains

    Amy, a mum to 3 kids, all under the age of 3, this week tells us all about her little ones breaking their first teeth and the stress that comes with it!

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  • A girl using a straw to drink juice

    5 steps to care for kids' teeth

    New research shows that 79% of parents don't take their children to the dentist when they should. Good dental habits last a lifetime, follow our tips to make sure your child has a lovely smile...

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  • Child doses for liquid paracetamol

    New Calpol guidelines for mums

    It's heartbreaking when our kids are in pain but before you reach for the Calpol, make sure you know the new dose guidelines for liquid paracetamol.

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  • A teething baby

    'Teething seems to go on forever'

    Evie started teething when she was 5 months old and it carried on for months - her mum Marie tells us how she soothed her and how she got through the sleepless nights

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