The naughtiest pets of Britain that will melt your heart!

Here at goodtoknow, we’re absolute suckers for a cute animal picture.

An adorable puppy. A baby monkey cuddling a kitten (really).

But there’s something extra cute, not to mention hilarious, about pets behaving badly. And now, thanks to a competition carried out by online blind company to find Britain’s most badly behaved pets, they’ve all been outed on social media, the naughty little so and sos!

A staggering 300 of our misbehaving friends were entered into the competition, but there could only be one winner. Enter Yodie, the German Shepherd and Keeshond cross. And thank goodness he won: Yodie has caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage to owner Laura Vitty’s home in Newcastle, so their prize of £500 and some new blinds ought to help!

But what did Yodie do to deserve the crown, and what crimes did his furry friends commit? Read on to find out!

Oh Yodie! A rescue dog found wandering the streets of Romania, Yodie has now made himself at home (maybe a little too much at home… ) with Laura Vitty, 25, in Newcastle. She said: “The ‘incident’ in the photograph occurred when he was very bored as he had to stay indoors for three weeks on vets orders. Although he has chewed and destroyed his dog bed and one or two other items, he is a lovely dog and I couldn’t be without him.”

Tut tut Harry, tut tut! Misbehaving his way into second place, it seems Harry likes to shred anything he can get his paws (and jaws) on. His owner Kay Gregory also shared pictures of a ruined brand new pair of shoes, and the dismantled mess of his 9th bed…

Here’s Stoops… representing all the naughty cats out there. She came third thanks to her love of getting into the fridge and licking the top of milk cartons (that’s not bad – that’s just clever!)

Just looking at Dolly’s face, there’s no way you’d think she deserves to be entered into this comp. But look around at the devastation she’s caused to an unsuspecting doormat, and her cute look suddenly seems more guilty! Well done on getting to fourth place Dolly!

Oh Lily, what are you doing up there? And we thought it was only cats that liked to climb blinds!

Umm, Manny, you’ve got a little something… oh wait. Looks like Manny likes to roll in mud. A lot!

Caught at the scene of the crime, Poppy isn’t to be trusted around anything she can rip up by the looks of it.

Another naughty Poppy, but it seems this little lady has got muddy puddles on her mind! Although we don’t think she should give up her muddy puddle ways just yet…


It’s no good looking at us like that Coco, we can all see what you’ve done! Dear dear. Whatever that fluff originally belonged to didn’t stand a chance.

It was like that when I got here, I swear! Yes, we believe you, although thousands wouldn’t…

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