The school uniform protest

Karen is a mum of mixed sex, 15-year-old twins. And knows it. Each week she shares with us what her teenage two have been up to.

‘The school term is about to start and with it comes a ban on all fashionable styles of school trousers, particularly those of the skinny variety. The girls are in mutinous mode and, despite being told that they will be put in isolation and even sent home, seem intent on staging a full-scale protest.

Now, I do support the school’s uniform policy. My twins are clean, smart and well pressed. My daughter wears skinny New Look school trousers, her brother wears Top Man ones and pointy black shoes. I do not see a problem with this. Should a ‘uniform’ have to make the person wearing it feel unattractive and miserable? I think the school is picking the wrong fight and is in danger of making well-behaved students at odds with their authority. These are trousers, not mini skirts. They’re in school uniform fabric and are worn by kids the length and breadth of the country.

But, as a responsible parent should I be supporting the school in their decision? Should I insist that my daughter does as she’s told, or should I allow her to protest even though there will almost certainly be consequences? It’s hard to know.

When my daughter challenged her Head of Year over this decision he said that skinny trousers ‘gave boys the wrong idea’. She asked whether he’d prefer them all to wear Burkas! Cheeky monkey. She’s lucky she didn’t end up with an early stint in after-school detention, though I fear it’s only round the corner…’

Do your kids hate their school uniform? Do you think they should be able to wear what they feel comfortable in or stick to the school rules? Tell us in our comments section below or on Facebook.

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