How to get your toddler to behave

When your gorgeous baby turns into an angry toddler overnight it can be overwhelming, but remember, they’re meant to misbehave at this age.

It’s how they learn about boundaries and what behaviour is acceptable, or not. It’s all part of growing up. Your child isn’t the only one who’s thrown a paddy in the sweet aisle of Tesco.

So how do you deal with it?

There’s lots of advice around on how it’s best to get a toddler to behave and it can be hard to know what’s right for you and your toddler.

The smacking debate has parents divided – while some feel that it teaches children that violence is ok, others argue that most of us were smacked when we were younger and it taught us some respect!

However you feel about smacking, remember that this is the time to lay down clear guidelines and discipline techniques that will not only improve your toddler’s behaviour, but also help develop important values they will carry through life.

Most of us think that discipline means punishment. It doesn’t. It’s about helping your child to understand the consequences of their behaviour in a loving, caring way.

Follow our top tips to teach your child good behaviour without smacking, and enjoy the change in your little one’s behaviour.

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