Things to do in the snow

We’ve reminded you how to build a snowman, but what else can you do to entertain yourselves when the snow hits? Let us help you keep amused in the winter weather.

1. Colour the snow

It doesn’t have to stay white, you know. If you’ve got one of those spray bottles or a medicine dropper, fill it up with a mixture of water and food colouring and then go out and paint the snow.

You can write letters, paint pretty patterns and even colour your snowman

2. Catch snowflakes

Get a piece of black (or other very dark) card. Pop it in the freezer so that it’s very cold and then take it outside to catch some snow.

Once you’ve caught some flakes, have a look at them through a magnifying glass – can you see how different they all are?

3. Ice cube scavenger hunt

Make some coloured ice cubes using food colouring and then go and hide them in the garden.

You then just need to let the children loose and see how many they can find. Make sure you have some prizes if they hunt down all the cubes – we think ice cream is perfect!