What your dog says about you

Britain is a nation of dog lovers. An estimated 8.5 million of us have a pooch in our lives – but with so many different shapes and sizes to choose from, have you ever stopped to wonder what the breed you picked says about you?

From energetic spaniels to talkative terriers, you’ll be amazed how many pups reflect their owners personalities – we bet you’ll recognise more than a few of these in the people you know (and maybe even a couple that reflect you and your paw-some buddy too…)

French Bulldog/Pug

Owners of these celebrity-favourite pups have fun, clown-like personalities which make them a joy to have around. They always know the best places in town, and can usually be found taking their four-legged pal to the trendiest cafes and farmers markets. However, these outings might end up being the only exercise they get, as Pug and Frenchie owners usually aren’t the most athletic of people (this type of pup does only need about 30 minutes of walkies per day, after all…)

Golden Retriever/Labrador

Those who pick a Golden Retriever or Labrador as their pet are very family focused – they know their chosen breed will get along with all of the relatives that traipse in and out of their house each day. They’re loyal to those they love and will work hard for the things they want, and their easygoing attitude means they find it very easy to make friends. They tend to have remarkable patience too – essential when you’re training a Lab or Retriever puppy!


Enthusiastic and into everything, Spaniel owners have boundless energy – during their action packed days, you can find them anywhere from running through a field with their furry best friend to taking to the water to try a daring new sports. If you want to go on a trip or give something new a go, your Spaniel-loving friend should be your first choice – but you’ll have to book them in quickly, as they’re almost constantly busy!


Staffie and Pitbull lovers often put on a tough exterior, but deep down they’re as soft as puppy fur. They’re direct and determined, but can have a playful side – which they usually channel into a spot of rough and tumble with their dog! They’re also very honest and not great gossipers – the bad reputation that their (actually totally soppy) pet is sometimes tarnished with has taught them better than to listen to rumours.


People who own Westies make great buddies – they’re super friendly and find it easy to get along with just about anyone. Totally loveable (although a little bit dappy on occasion), Westie owners are very chatty and really fun to be around, but be warned, this can get a little exhausting at times – just like their pups, sometimes they don’t know when to be quiet, so if you give them half a chance they might just talk your ear right off.

German Shepherd

German Shepherd fans are often fiercely independent – they’ve got the same boisterous, intelligent streak as their pets and don’t like to rely on others. That said, once you’ve won their trust, they’re incredibly loyal and kind to people that they value – you can always turn to your German Shepherd-owning friend in a crisis (as this little Bichon Frise proves!)


Persistent and sometimes a bit demanding, Dachshund owners are said to have a ‘princess’ streak, but despite their needy ways, they have a great sense of style, and an even better sense of humour – well, how else would they laugh off their pup being cheated by fate into having little fun-size Mars bar legs? As, for obvious reasons, they’re not huge fans of the old country walk, you can generally find owners of Dachshunds snuggling on the sofa watching TV – with their burrow-loving pup buried in a blanket by their side, of course.


Fun-loving Boxers tend to have even more playful, fun-loving owners – they’re the life and soul of the party and will always be cracking the loudest jokes in a crowd. It’s near impossible to stress a boxer owner out (they’re so laid back, they’re basically horizontal) but despite their cool-as-a-cucumber exterior, they love a cuddle and rely on their friends and family for plenty of emotional support.


Got a Schnauzer in your life? Then you’re more likely to be wise, relaxed, and a fan of their finer things in life. People who choose this mustachioed breed take each day at their own pace (don’t be surprised if they turn up late!), and will ‘stop and smell the roses’ as often as possible. Smart and elegant, this refined breed of owner is always smartly dressed and prepared with a witty quip or two, should the occasion arise.

Basset Hound

Basset owners don’t get fazed by anything – whether it’s dealing with the slobber from their best buddy’s face or sellotaping their fur off their freshly washed clothes, they’re calm and collected, and always ready to deal with whatever life throws at them. They’re mind mannered and friendly, but will tend to have a close-knit group of very good friends rather than hundreds of acquaintances – given the choice between a crazy night out or a quiet night in, people who own Bassets will usually chose the latter.


Bulldog owners are ballsy; with their stubborn attitude and strong will, it’s rare to find one that’s afraid of a challenge! They’re opinionated and not shy about sharing their thoughts either, but despite their determination, they can be a little clumsy, and not the lightest on their feet – well, you do need a fair bit of muscle behind you to get this chunky pup moving…

Yorkshire Terrier

Always well groomed and presentable, Yorkshire Terrier fans enjoy nothing more than a bit of pampering – they love a trip to the spa, and there’s rarely a moment where they’re not sporting a face mask or painting their nails. Yorkie owners are often really great at interior design and always have beautiful homes, but they don’t spend that much time in them – they’ve got hectic social lives to be keeping up with!


Like their dogs, Chihuahua owners tend to be very affectionate, but they’ve got a diva side too, and what they say goes! These confident folk are often rather appearance focused, and always sporting the latest fashions – but despite their innocent exterior, you don’t want to mess with a Chihuahua owner – if you snap at them, they’ll probably snap back…


There are many positives to being a Newfoundland owner, but a tidy house isn’t one of them – these messy pups shed and get into anything and everything, so their easy going owners are never going to be those neat-as-a-pin kind of people! But despite being a little rough around the edges, owners of these giant dogs are loving, extremely helpful and great with kids (there’s a reason the babysitting dog Nana in Peter Pan was a Newfoundland, not a Chihuahua…)


Beagle owners are a clever bunch – curious and inquisitive, they’re always learning new things, from languages to recipes, and like nothing more than being kept busy. Their bright, chatty personalities mean they’re good at sharing their skills, but they need to take care to stay modest – it’s hard to be good at so many things without sounding a little boastful.


If you’ve followed in the footsteps of the Queen and got a Corgi, you’re probably a natural leader, just like Liz! The sophisticated owners of these cute stumpy fellows are always keen to get involved in their community – they know everyone (mainly because everyone knows them as ‘the lady with the Corgi’) and are always first to know the neighbourhood news. The only downside is that, just like their furry friends, they can sometimes get a little bossy – whilst they usually are right, they won’t be shy about telling you you’re wrong.


Lovers of gundogs like Setters are great believers in instinct. They’re intuitive and brilliant at adapting to new situations with ease – but their hyper-engaged attention spans mean they get easily distracted, and often move on to one project before they’ve finished another. Their active dogs mean they usually lead an energetic lifestyle, and love being in the great outdoors – Setter owners are great runners, so don’t expect to beat them to the school gates!

Great Dane

Great Dane owners are organised and responsible – essential qualities when you’re dealing with a pup that’s taller than you are! They’re extremely hard workers, and tend to do well in their careers as a result, usually managing a team or heading up important projects. However, in spite of their successes, they stay grounded and down to earth – you’ll rarely find a dog owner more level-headed than those with a Great Dane on the other end of their lead.


People with Huskies are reserved and alert, despite having their protective pooch by their sides – but as is the case with their pups, they’re totally not as fierce as they look. They’re better working on their own than working in a team, principally because of their strong-willed nature, but outside the office, they’re fab, fun friends to have around – especially if you share their love of sports and other athletic activities.


Fashion conscious, quirky and creative are three of the most common traits of Poodle owners – they’re flamboyant and love to stand out in a crowd. They can be a little dramatic, but their loud, out-there personality is all part of their charm, and their extroverted personalities come in very handy when you want someone to go out on the town with…

Jack Russell

Need someone patient? It’s probably best not to ask a Jack Russell fan – they know what they want, and they want it now. Just like their four-legged friends, they crave attention and can be very vocal about it, but their bark is worse than their bite – underneath their bold, bustling exterior, you’ll find a clever, kind-hearted and resourceful person for whom spending time with friends and family is priority number one.


Rottie owners can be shy, and come across as a little guarded around people they don’t know – but as soon as they do know them, you’ll never find a nicer or more helpful friend. They’re super supportive and defensive of those close to them and, in the same way that their dogs are, they’re incredibly loyal, so once you’re in their inner circle, you’re there for life.

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