15 foods all kids hate (and how to change their minds)

Peas, mince, even the humble onion – there are some foods that most kids flat out refuse to eat. Find out why certain foods don’t appeal to them and see how you can change their minds with advice from children’s food expert Annabel Karmel.

As a busy mum, you know you want your kids to eat well, but it’s hard to constantly find the time (and energy!) to persuade them to eat ‘healthy’ meals.

If you want meal times to feel like less of a fight and more of a feast, you need to change the way your kids feel about certain foods. We asked kids’ food expert Annabel Karmel to tell us why children don’t like avocados or what they hate about fish.

And here are some great ideas to get kids used to the taste and texture of different foods.

A few starter tips
– Linking new foods to old favourites often works. If they like pesto pasta, add peas or chopped spinach to it.
– Cutting food into shapes and making up funny names can work for younger kids.
– Get the kids to help prepare and chop the vegetables as they’re more likely to eat them.
– Add more veg to dishes the children already like. Add a a few extra vegetables to a pizza or a chicken stew and it might just vanish!

And remember, childrens’ tastebuds are ever-changing, so you might have to try one food up to 10 times before they decide they like it. Be patient and they could be requesting sprouts in no time!