9 ridiculous things you do to get your kids to eat their vegetables

Trying to get your child to eat more vegetables? If you’ve been reading around and asking your friends for advice, we bet you’ve caught yourselves doing these ridiculous things in an attempt to get your kids to eat their greens.

1. You come over all Picasso

Sandwiches are stamped into cookie cutter stars, vegetables become a hastily arranged face, tomatoes become divers… You get the idea.


2. You turn trainspotter

It’s an aeroplane, wheeee… It’s a choo train… Alas, it’s still banana mush… and they know it.


3. You start a rebrand strategy

Spinach tortellini? No, they’re blue flying saucers, of course!



4. You keep trying

And trying. And it’s very trying. Parenting blogs tell us to keep on trying to introduce new foods, but they develop all kinds of tactic to get away…


5. You arrange a dinner date with toddlers

You read somewhere that children can encourage each other to eat new things by example, so you’ve rung round your NCT group to find out what their kids will eat. The result is mayhem.


6. You threaten to steal

Not eating their peas? Offer to give them to their brother or sister instead. We bet they’ll soon be interested again…

7. You bribe…

…and blackmail your way through dinner as if it were an episode of Midsomer Murders. “You’re not getting any pudding unless you finish your dinner!” is the classic, then you crack and give it to them anyway in the hope they will eat SOMETHING.

8. You tell bare-faced lies

“This broccoli is delicious,” you coo as you pick up a cold, limp scrap of veg from your child’s plate. “Sprouts, yum!” you hear yourself say. You’re fooling no one.

9. In the end, you cheat

When all else fails, you’ve had to sneak the vegetables in. You’ve grated extra carrots into a Bolognese sauce, you’ve whizzed up fruit into smoothies, you’ve frozen bananas to make ice lollies… Is anyone even the wiser?