Christmas dinner shopping list: Everything you need for your supermarket shop

With so much to do over the holidays one thing that’s sure to come in handy is a Christmas dinner shopping list.

Is it just us, or is there always one thing missing from your shopping bags when you get home from doing your Christmas food shopping? We’ve had enough of that (because frankly there’s more to Christmas than spending it in the supermarket) so have got our act together to create a fool-proof Christmas food shopping list.

We’ve put together a menu, and subsequent list, for six people, which can of course be scaled up or down, which includes starters, mains, desserts and those all important treats – so that hopefully you only need to do one shop to get all your Christmas food bits.

The recipes we’ve picked are some of our most popular Christmas recipes ever, including a Gordon Ramsay ham and roasted parsnips and a yule log by none other than The Hairy Bikers.

To make things as easy as possible we’ve created a printable shopping list in a PDF format, so you can download and go, or even just save it to your phone for quick reference when you’re out and about. We’ve given you the option of a list that includes everything you need to make every recipe below, a shopping list that breaks down the menu per recipe (so you can pick and choose which you make) and a quick-fire shopping list that details everything you can buy if you don;t fancy cooking. Our last Christmas food shopping list also lists household items you might need over the holidays, as well as some of the most popular festive treats you might want to throw in your trolley.

>>Download our printable Christmas dinner shopping list here

We’ve also got some snaps of out shopping lists at the bottom of this page, so you can have a quick scan while you’re out and about if you’d prefer.

Want to know what you’re buying? This is the menu we’ve put together:

Starter: Pea and Ham Soup

To kick things off we’ve gone for an easy make-ahead option, because nobody needs to be assembling six soufflés at the last minute. The starter on our Christmas dinner shopping list is a simple pea and ham soup that’s sweet and salty all at the same time, and a real crowd pleaser.

Get the recipe: Pea and ham soup

Main: Christmas dinner with all the trimmings

We couldn’t do a Christmas food shopping list without including all the trimmings. It wouldn’t be Christmas without piles of sides and sauces so we’ve gone all in. The Christmas menu for our list includes the following, as well as a few extras:

Christmas turkey

Christmas ham

Pigs in blankets

Perfect roast potatoes

Red cabbage

Roast parsnips

Brussels sprouts

Cranberry sauce

Here’s a little bit more about those lovely Christmas recipes that make up the recipes on our list…

Meat: Turkey
We’re talking instructions for how to cook the most perfect turkey ever as well as a simple herby stuffing that will keep the meat juicy and flavoursome throughout the cooking process.

Get the recipe: How to cook turkey

Meat: Gordon Ramsay’s honey glazed ham
What would you do for sandwiches on Boxing Day without a Christmas ham? Gordon Ramsay combines cooking methods to make one perfectly succulent ham – starting with boiling the meat with loads of aromatics and then finishing by baking it whole, covered in a sticky, delicious glaze.

Get the recipe: Christmas ham

Meat: Pigs in blankets
Nothing says Christmas like excess food. These little guys definitely aren’t a necessity, but they definitely are a fab addition, and something everyone seems to love, no matter how little they are. Our home-made pigs in blankets are really easy to make and taste great cold too, so leftovers are always a thing to be celebrated.

Get the recipe: Pigs in blankets

Sides: Perfect roast potatoes
No roast is complete without a pile of golden, crunchy roast spuds. Our recipe is super simple but produces that perfect coating of crispness every time.

Get the recipe: Perfect roast potatoes

Sides: Roast parsnips
Our simple roast parsnip recipe is by none other than the Hairy Bikers themselves, and shows exactly how to chop, coat and cook your parsnips for the perfect finish.

Get the recipe: Roast parsnips

Sides: Red cabbage
Despite our love of beige food, there’s no denying that a little colour never went a miss on a Christmas dinner table. Red cabbage provides a pop of purple and a good dose of flavour at the same time. This recipe is sweet, sour and spiced for the perfect balance.

Get the recipe: Red cabbage

Sides: Cauliflower cheese
With all the crunch from roasted vegetables it’s nice to have something rich and creamy to contrast the textures on your Christmas dinner spread. This recipe for cauliflower cheese makes sure the veg is tender and the sauce is luxuriously cheesy for a recipe everyone will love.

Get the recipe: Cauliflower cheese

Sides: Brussels sprouts
Whether you love ’em or you hate ’em Brussels are as much a part of Christmas as Santa himself, so you’re going to need a good recipe for them, and that’s just what this is.

Get the recipe: Brussels sprouts

Sauce: Turkey gravy What would we do without a little gravy on our roast dinners? This recipe for turkey gravy is rich and silky smooth, to give you great results every time. The other good thing about this gravy is that it freezes well. So, if you make too much, simply pop into tubs and freeze for a rainy day when you need a roast in a hurry.

Get the recipe: Turkey gravy

Sauce: Cranberry sauce

Cranberry sauce is the ideal thing to cut through all the richness of a Christmas roast, and it’s so easy to make. This simple recipe gives the beautiful sweet and sour flavour that goes so well with turkey.

Get the recipe: Cranberry sauce

Dessert: Yule log

You will have probably made your Christmas pudding before you head out with your Christmas dinner shopping list, so we’ve gone for a chocolate dessert to add to your traditional Christmas pud. This chocolate yule log is absolutely delicious, and much easier than it looks to make.

Get the recipe: Yule log

Snacks: Mince pies

If you’re a fan of home-made treats then you might want to make your own mince pies. These lovely little treats are filled with a sweet and spiced fruit centre, and are all wrapped up in flaky pastry.

Get the recipe: Mince pies

Snacks: Sausage rolls

You can of course pick up some sausage rolls ready-made, but when they’re this simple you might want to make your own. This recipe is also a great one to make ahead of the big day, to give you less to do on Christmas itself.

Get the recipe: Sausage rolls

Christmas dinner shopping list

We’ve broken our Christmas dinner shopping list down into three separate categories, the ‘make it all from scratch’ shopping list, the ‘make a bit and fake a bit’ shopping list and the all in fake it Christmas dinner shopping list.

Christmas food shopping list: Everything from scratch
This shopping list details all the ingredients you need to make all of the above recipes. It will feed six people with lots of lovely leftovers for Boxing Day sandwiches.

Christmas food shopping list: A bit of faking and a bit of making
This shopping list breaks down all the recipes above into per recipe, so you can pick and choose what you make from the menu. We know you might have bought mince pies way back when, or maybe you always make the same Christmas dessert. However you want to break up the menu is up to you, simply pick and choose from each section below, depending on which recipes you fancy making.

Christmas food shopping list: Short cut buy-it-all
Finally we’ve detailed a quick-fire list of things to buy if you fancy an easy Christmas this year, with all the bits you’ll need for Christmas dinner, treats and drinks over the festive period.

We hope you’ve got everything you need now to make yourself a fabulous Christmas dinner this year. If there’s anything you think we’ve missed off then just let us know in the comments below and we’ll do out best to add them in. We’d also love to know if you’ve tried any of the recipes!