Five weeks to Christmas

Get these dishes out of the way this week:

Christmas cake
Sarah Pattison, a goodtoknow reader, sent in her recipe for her five-week Christmas cake. It’s absolutely delicious and has been passed down through generations. Make it now and feed it with brandy every week from now until Christmas to keep it moist. And if you’ve got a great recipe you’d like to share, send it in to us.

Christmas pudding
Our easy five-week Christmas pudding is exactly that! It’s easy to make, then you just put it away to store for five weeks, just don’t forget to get it out on Christmas Day!

Stuffing and bread sauce
You can make your stuffing and bread sauce five weeks in advance, freeze it, then defrost it on Christmas Eve or early on Christmas Day. If you’re using the stuffing to stuff the turkey, make sure you defrost it in plenty of time for it to reach room temperature.

Mince pies
It’s easy to make your mince pies in advance. You can either make them, freeze them, then cook them from frozen, or cook them, freeze them and reheat them from frozen.

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