The Big Family Cooking Showdown: Everything you need to know about the BBC’s new food show

The BBC has revealed details of its new cooking programme, The Big Family Cooking Showdown, which will rival Channel 4’s Great British Bake Off.

Fronted by former GBBO winner Nadiya Hussain and TV presenter Zoe Ball, The Big Family Cooking Showdown will be a competitive food show featuring 16 families from across Britain.

In a bid to find the nation’s best family of cooks, the judges will set challenges for the families over 12 one-hour episodes.

Who are The Big Family Cooking Showdown presenters?

Image: BBC

Nadiya Hussain is one of the The Big Family Cooking Showdown presenters, which is her third BBC show since winning the Bake Off in 2015. Her own cooking programme, Nadiya’s British Food Adventure, is airing now.

‘Family and food have always gone hand in hand and I’m looking forward to getting to know the recipes and traditions of the different families taking part’, Nadiya said of the new show.

‘Having been through a food competition as an amateur cook myself, I know exactly how tough it can get and so I’ll be there for them, alongside Zoe, as the pressure really builds!’

Zoe Ball, who presents Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two, will be Nadiya’s fellow presenter on the show.

She said: ‘It’s time to celebrate passionate foodie families all over the country and this series will show us home cooking at its best, even if it’s using old pans and mismatched crockery!’

‘We’re meeting 16 very different families over the course of the show and witnessing their team dynamics. I’m not the world’s best cook as my kids will vouch but I’m learning so much from these families and from Nadiya! New recipes, top tips, some definite do’s and don’ts, I can’t wait to share this joyous celebration of family and cooking with everybody.’

Zoe Ball, who was a Strictly contestant in 2015, will be presenting the new BBC TV show, alongside Nadiya

Who are The Big Family Cooking Showdown participants?

The show will test 16 families from around the UK, who will have to show off their cooking skills for a chance to win.

One of the families entering the competition is the Bellamy family, from Bournemouth, who are led by 48-year-old mum Mojgan. Competing with the show’s youngest contestants, her daughters Ocean, 19, and Faith, 15, the mum says she ‘always cooks in heels’.

Image: BBC

Mojgan will be competing with her two daughters for the Bellamy family

With Caribbean roots, The Codougans from Northamptonshire will be whipping up traditional recipes that have been passed on in the family, while Essex’s Hilliard family, will focus on vegan recipes. The family became vegan after one of the daughters, now 34, was diagnosed with cancer aged 23 and used the diet to help treat the condition.

Siblings Charlie and Archie will compete with their sister-in-law Anna for the Herberts, and in Wiltshire, the Massaccesi family will bring some international flavour with the help of Irish mum Teresa and Italian dad Giordano.

Prepare to get some kitchen envy from gay couple Sam, 37, and David, 46, who will be competing with David’s 17-year-old daughter Ellie. ‘We’ve got three stoves, eleven ranges and probably every gadget and gizmo under the sun’, David said.

Swedish grandmother Torun, 86, is The Big Family Cooking Showdown’s eldest contestant and will be competing for the Marks, while African family the Rignalls will be led by 65-year-old Jassi.

Image: BBC

Grandmother Torun is the show’s eldest contestant

Dad Mahmoud Ayoubis, who moved to Essex from Syria in the nineties will be showing off his Arabic recipes with the help of daughters Mirna, 26, and Lydia, 21.

We’ll also be seeing Moroccan influences from Zakila Karim, 48, who’s competing with her 18-year-old niece Sumiya who loves making Korean food.

Who are The Big Family Cooking Showdown judges?

Image: BBC

The competing families will welcome the presenters plus judges Giorgio Locatelli and Rosemary Shrager, two renowned chefs, into their homes and will cook them dishes using their favourite family recipes.

Italian chef Giorgio Locatelli says it’s an honour to be welcomed into people’s homes to taste their family dishes.

‘I strongly believe that cooking at home is at the base of healthy family relationships. For Rosemary and I to be given the opportunity to taste people’s family dishes within their home is such an honour.

‘I am looking forward to exploring people’s heritage through the dishes they prepare’, Giorgio said.

Rosemary Shrager, who’s been a judge on Soapstar Superchef and appeared on reality television programme Ladette to Lady, is also excited to be part of the BBC’s new project.

‘It’s wonderful to be meeting families with their own recipes and to be judging good honest family food. I’m hoping to be inspired and surprised by the dishes these families cook at home to put a smile on each other’s faces’, the chef said.

‘We’ll be searching for a household where food is at the heart of their family, with kitchen duties and recipes shared between the generations.’

This will be Nadiya’s third BBC TV show since winning the Bake Off in 2015

How will The Big Family Cooking Showdown work?

The new BBC show will have a real family feel, as most challenges will be undertaken from the participants’ own homes – but that doesn’t mean the pressure won’t be on.

Presenters Nadiya and Zoe will be testing families in three rounds. For the first challenge, the families will have to feed four people in 75 minutes with a budget of £10, while in the second test they will have to whip up a main course and a dessert in their own kitchen in 90 minutes.

For the final challenge, the groups will have 135 minutes to cook a prepare a starter and a main course for their neighbours.

When will The Big Family Cooking Showdown air?

The Big Family Cooking Showdown will air on BBC 2 at 8pm Tuesday 15th August.