Four weeks to Christmas

Four weeks before Christmas is the perfect time to start thinking about your turkey. You can order one from your butcher or buy a frozen one now. If you’re ordering a large turkey, make sure you measure your oven first to make sure it’ll fit. You don’t want to get a nasty surprise on Christmas morning!

Here’s a guide to what size turkey to buy:

Size of turkey – Portions

2kg: 4-5 people
2.5kg: 5-6 people
3kg: 6-7 people
3.5kg: 7-8 people
4kg: 8-9 people
4.5kg: 9-10 people
5kg: 10-11 people
5.5kg: 11-12 people
6kg: 12-13 people
6.5k: 14-15 people
7kg: 15-16 people
7.5kg: 16-17 people

Cook your turkey to perfection with our instant defrosting and cooking times:

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