Gordon Ramsay’s guide to healthy eating

On a diet? Or just looking to make your meals a bit healthier? Gordon Ramsay gives his advice on how to improve your diet without sacrificing flavour in his book

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Gordon Ramsay on healthy eating  

‘Healthy eating is a topic close to my heart. I’ve been passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle for many years now.

‘With a little extra knowledge and effort, I believe anyone can make little changes that will improve their diet and everyday lifestyle. I do, however, believe that you can prepare and serve healthy food without jeopardising taste and flavour, or drastically changing your style of cooking. Whether it’s an elegant dinner party or a simple mid-week supper, a few simple adjustments are all that’s needed to make our favourite meals that bit more balanced… lower in fat and calories, yet rich in energy-giving nutrients.

‘Choosing the right ingredients is the core of healthy eating. It’s not just a matter of selecting the leanest cuts of meat and reducing the amount of fat we consume, it helps to know which ingredients are at their peak at any given time, both in terms of flavour and nutrition.

‘When it comes to putting a healthy dish together, balance and moderation are key. It’s not simply a matter of putting the right types of food on a plate. How the food is cooked and seasoned, and how the whole menu comes together are just as important. And I don’t advocate cutting out butter and cream completely, just using a little here and there where it will really enhance the flavour of a dish. After all, a big part of living a good life is the enjoyment of food…’