Mary Berry’s Christmas dinner Q&A

Catch up with baking queen and top TV chef Mary Berry, who tells us what she’ll be cooking for her family on Christmas Day.

Also find out what to make the day before if you’re short of oven space. We’ve also got a sneaky peek at the brilliant nut roast recipe from her book Mary Berry’s Christmas Collection.

Get ready for the first question…

1. Whose turn is it to cook this Christmas?
Mine and I love doing it for all the family. The age range will be from 1 for my youngest grandson to my mother who is 103!

2. Plan, plan, plan food in advance, or last-minute mission?
Definitely planned ahead.

3. Cut corners on xxx to save cash, but always splash out on xxx?
To save cash make your own Mince pies, stuffing and pudding, but splash out on the best turkey you can afford – maybe a bit smaller than last year.

4. What are your three best tips for making Christmas dinner?
1) Once you know how many you are catering for, do what shopping you can ahead, then do a countdown of what’s to be done right up to the serving time.
2) If oven space is short on the day, pre-roast the potatoes and parsnips the day before, then give them a blast in the oven to crispen up for about 15-20 minutes before the meal.
3) Make sure that you have a sharp knife for carving the bird.

5. Get stuffed! What do you put in your stuffing? And in the bird or outside?
I do two stuffings – lemon, thyme and sausage meat in the neck end of the bird, then a dish of apricot and chestnut in an open dish. No stuffing in the carcass of the bird, just flavouring herbs and onion.