#NadiyaBakes: Nadiya reveals why she’s had the ‘longest nine days’ of her life

Nadiya Hussain is back this month revealing how she kept family food on the table during a stressful nine-day move in her regular #NadiyaBakes blog for Goodtoknow…

I remember once being at the school playground eight years ago after having just moved house and saying that I would do it all again. Having spent the last four weeks moving house I cannot believe that I have repeated those same words again just a few days ago, sat in a very cramped car full of flat pack furniture and a perspiring husband.

It’s safe to say that after this experience I will not be declaring my love for moving or be making any promises of doing it all again. In fact I don’t think I can look at colour charts, carpet samples or bathroom tiles ever again.

‘Somehow in and amongst the madness I have managed to find ways of cooking and baking.’

Granted it has not always been easy but it has been eye opening to be in a position where I have had to cook and feed my family using just the basics that I have at home.

With very little in the fridge and way too much unsalted butter it was easier than I thought it was going to be. I have always been of the belief of ‘waste not want not’ but this truly put my imagination to the test by the end of the week.

A few sorry wrinkly aubergines were turned into a three bean moussaka, a medley of aged root veg were turned into a stew and a very lonely and forgotten chorizo was turned into a hash. I even managed dessert, making mango cheesecake using some left over digestives and some over ripened sweet mangoes from the fruit bowl.

‘Being pushed into a corner to use up what I had made me realise that not only did it induce creativity it was actually a lot of fun.’

Video of the Week

Despite the madness of moving house and despite being torn away from my oven for all of nine days (longest nine days of my life) I managed to cook and feed my family without compromising on creativity.

So although I don’t welcome another house move (yet) I do welcome using up and ingredients that may otherwise only end up in the compost bin.