Pinterest inspiration 2015: New foods to try this year

If you fancy trying something different this year, you’ve come to the right place. Inspired by Pinterest, here’s our round-up of must-makes for 2015, including rhubarb-studded cakes, chocolate chicken and many more.

We’re a little bit obsessed with Pinterest here at goodtoknow especially when it comes to discovering exciting new foods.

From new meats to food from around the world, here are some jaw-dropping treats that we’re sure you’re going to be making in 2015…

For this and even more new foods, visit our New Year, New Food Pinterest board

The carb substitute: Cauliflower 

You’ll never look at basmati rice the same way again once you get a taste of our lower-carb cauliflower rice. We think cauliflower is going to be the one to watch in 2015. ‘Why?’ we hear you say, well, it’s a healthier, vegetable alternative to your average carbs that is full of nutrients and bursting with flavour. Sold?

The new meat: Venison

Meat eaters, we have an announcement to make – venison is back on the menu in 2015 so sharpen up those knives, it’s time to get stuck into this deliciously rich and moreish meat. Whether you serve it with chips (just like a classic steak!) or you push the boat out and opt for roasted parsnips roasti, venison is definitely one to try.

One to watch: Herb-y bakes

From basil infused cupcakes to a peppercorn flavoured sponge, if you fancy experimenting with some new flavours in the new year, herbs are top of the list. Perfect if you’ve got a herb garden or growing your own on the kitchen window sill, herbs can be added to sweet bakes to transform them into impressive creations. You wouldn’t think that basil and strawberries or rhubarb and peppercorn go together but they really do.

We’re mad about: Around the word food

We just love trying different cuisines and taking inspiration from other countries. Top of our list of dishes to try this year include pork and prawn dim sum (courtesy of the Hairy Bikers!), a fiery Spanish-style squid stew and our star of the show – kimchi, a classic Korean dish made with Chinese cabbage.

The easy twists: Meal transformations

Whether it’s a dash of Pimms in your chicken tray bake or a generous splash of balsamic for your marinade, we’re all about transforming our average meals this year into mouth-watering masterpieces. Make way for wasabi, Guinness and our favourite, tapenade.

To impress: Wow desserts

Impress your friends and family in the new year by whipping up some jaw-dropping desserts (don’t worry, they’re easier to make than they may look!) Top of our list to make are Jasmine tea creams, we have a slight incling that tea-infused treats are going to be ones to watch in 2015 so we’ll definitely be trying these sweeties.

New flavour obsession: Rhubarb

Cakes, desserts or even to accompany meats like duck, rhubarb is such an interesting ingredient that we’re certainly going to be giving it our full attention in 2015.

Talking point: Unusual ingredients

Brace yourselves… Chicken with chilli and chocolate, mocha-infused steaks and Marmite lamb cobbler are only a handful of unusual ingredients-based dishes that we’re going to be rolling up our sleeves and making in 2015.

New healthy: Fruit salads 

In the new year it’s all about healthy eating. We become obsessed with the latest diets and food fads but we have something even better in the line up, fruit salads. We’re not talking the usual fruit salads, no, we’re talking tuna and strawberry salads and raspberry and rocket salads.

For the bakers: Bizarre bakes

If you love baking just as much as we do you’re certainly going to want to make some of our bizarre bakes in 2015. We’ve got everything from beetroot chocolate cake all the way to a treacle bundt cake which is infused with limoncello. We bet we have your attention now!