10 ways with aubergine

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Aubergines are often missed out on the shopping list so we're here to show you exactly what you can make with them so you'll think twice about buying these tasty and rather healthy veggies...

An aubergine might not be at the top of your shopping list but we’re here to show you exactly why they should be. You may think twice about buying these healthy and rather tasty veggies once you’ve seen some of these delicious dishes.

Aubergines can be combined with pretty much any ingredient to make a delicious family meal. Grilled or baked in the oven, this meaty vegetable is packed full of flavour – you only need to cook it to let it out.

Slices of grilled aubergine are great scattered in a salad or chunks of fresh aubergine can be baked in a pie or tart to add a delicious texture to your dish. The meaty texture also makes it a good vegetarian substitute if you want to try a few meat-free meals.

Aubergine is easy to prepare too. Just wash under the tap, cut the top off and then slice into chunks or dice however you wish to cook it.

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