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Throwing a kids' party? You'll need fun, quick and easy kids' party food ideas, especially picked out for little hands (and with no-fuss prep!)

Throwing a kids’ party? You’ll need fun, quick and easy kids’ party food ideas, especially picked out for little hands (and with no-fuss prep, so you can concentrate on the decorations!). We’ve got lots of children’s party food ideas to inspire you, from snake sandwiches to Angel Delight lollies that you can pull out of the freezer when you’re ready.

Make the party food ahead so you know it’s sorted before anyone arrives, whether you’re laying it out on the kitchen table for everyone to dig in or providing cardboard lunchboxes to hand out to all your little visitors on the day.

The kids are going to love this fun and colourful party food selection. Some of the recipes are so simple, you could even get the kids to help you make them. Most of these recipes can be made in bulk or easily scaled up, which is ideal if you’re catering for a crowd of hungry children in one go.

Grown-ups going to stay for the party too? Make a few nibbles to pass round so no one goes hungry.

How clever are these snake sandwiches? Each sandwich is cut using a circular cookie cutter and displayed in a wavy line to form a snake. You can choose a variety of sandwich fillings for each…

Get the recipe: Snake sandwiches

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