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There’s a new baker on the block, and her name is Stacie Stewart! Owner of the Beehive Bakery and star judge on TV’s Food Glorious Food, we couldn’t wait to chat kitchen essentials, ultimate cakes and baking trends…

What made you want to be a baker, and at what age did you get into it?

I’ve been baking since I was 4. My family have a strong working class background, my Grandad Ernie was a pitman and my Nana taught me and my 9 cousins how to bake and feed the family from a very early age. I suppose the passion has always stuck with me.

Stacie’s skinny carrot meringue cake

With a book out and your judging on Food Glorious Food, you must be busy. If you don’t have much time, what do you bake?

If I’m short of time I’ll whack up my guilt free roulade and fill it with wonderful seasonal fruits. Either that or some scones, twenty minutes from start to finish.

What would you say are the essential baking tools to have in your kitchen? 

Essential baking tools are a spatula, a set of measuring spoons, a palette knife and a good range of mixing bowls in all sizes. Oh and an electric hand mixer, you can pick them up for less than a tenner and they make cake making a doddle.

 Stacie’s red velvet recipe


Our users love to get the kids involved in the kitchen. What would you recommend baking with them?

I think kids should be taught the staples, jam tarts, basic pastry, scones, Victoria sponge and my Nana would kill me if I didn’t mention the humble ‘singin’ hinnies’ (Northern-style scone)

Which other TV chefs do you most enjoy watching?

I love Gizzi Erskine she’s a cool girl and a good mate. I also love Mark Hix, Richard Corrigan, Tom Kerridge and Tom Parker Bowles. All of their books are wonderful to read too, like story books.

Stacie’s raspberry, rose and vanilla cake recipe

Is there a baking trend you think is going to be huge this year?

I do actually. I think Food Glorious Food and hopefully my book Stacie Bakes are going to show people baking can be fun. It’s kitsch, on trend and fashionable to turn up to a party or a celebration with a home-baked gift. A bag of marshmallows for example from my book, or a box of beautiful macaroons.

Stacie Bakes: Classic Cakes and Bakes for the Thoroughly Modern Cook by Stacie Stewart is published by Pavilion 11th March 2013 at £18.99

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