We can’t believe these chicken breasts started off the same size!

Mum Victoria Puntrello, a member of Facebook group Fill My Family On A Budget, tested out the difference between shop-bought chicken and chicken from the butchers – and the results were very shocking! Posting this picture on the group’s wall, Victoria wrote: ‘Did an experiment, the chicken breasts on the left are from a butchers and the two on the right are frozen ones from Aldi. All started the same size! Had to drain lots of water from the frozen ones.’

We can’t believe it!

The reduction in size can be attributed to many things but one of the main cause is usually the amount of water added to the meat before it is packaged in the supermarkets – butchers do not typically have the same process.

While we know butchers aren’t necessarily the cheaper option of the two, tests like Victoria’s show that while you may be getting a cheaper deal, you may not be getting value for money – just look at the size difference!

Aldi’s chicken breasts, for example are £7.31 per kg which is around £3.95 for a 540g pack (3 breasts) where butchers’ prices can range from anywhere between £3 per kg to £8 – so it’s definitely worth checking out the price at your local.

What do you think about Victoria’s test? Will it convince you to swap your supermarket meat for butchers or do you still think it’s overpriced? Let us know in the comments below…

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