Tom Kerridge to the rescue! TV chef will get you out of your cooking rut

Stuck in a dinner loop? New research shows that even though the average person owns 6 cookbooks, they only cook an average of 9 meals on rotation.

One in 5 haven’t changed that menu in the last year, even though we are spending more time in the kitchen.

Apparently, it’s the struggle to find inspiring ingredients that curbs more adventurous cooking, but we know the truth – who’s got the time to change it up when you’re busy, especially if you’ve got fussy eaters at the table?

The 2,000-strong study, by online supermarket Ocado, shows the Welsh are the most adventurous in their 9 meal rotation, with two dishes a week inspired by another country, while people in East Anglia must really love to cook as they own twice as many cookbooks as the national average.

But in a bid for mealtime freedom, we asked chef Tom Kerridge, who is partnering with Ocado to help stock more interesting ingredients, how we should get out of our recipe rut. His response was ace.

“The fact that people are only cooking nine dishes is quite a sad space to be in,” he tells us. “You need to get out there and cook more and be excited about cooking, enjoy cooking and find new ingredients that you really want to work with. Buy something that you’ve never tried or something that you’ve never used before. What’s the worst thing that can happen? You won’t like it. Ok, so don’t eat it. Put £10 in a jar, put the lid on it and keep it to one side. That’s your emergency go-to jar. If you cook something and it goes wrong, smash open the jar, get the tenner out and order a pizza.”

Done! Are you stuck in a dinner loop? Tempted to try Tom Kerridge’s nifty plan? Share your own tips for mixing up mealtimes below.

Tom Kerridge is a judge for Britain’s Next Top Supplier, Ocado’s competition to find the next big thing in food and drink. The winner will be stocked by Ocado.

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