David Beckham drops everything to fly to Victoria's side

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David Beckham dropped everything last week to fly to Canada and comfort wife Victoria.

The Spice Girls tour is said to have been stressful for Posh, 33 - so she called Becks, 32, to cheer her up.

He is believed to have immediately taken his private jet to Montreal on Thursday, before travelling onto Toronto.

But within a few hours, David was off again, leaving Victoria upset.

He had to take sons Brooklyn, 8, Romeo, 5, and 2-year-old Cruz back to LA as they prepare to return to school.

'She is devastated she won't see David or the kids for weeks,' a source says.

'She was very upset when they left. She is counting down the days until the end. It has been tough. She and David had a great time while the band were performing in England but now he is back in America things have got a lot more complicated for them.'

Victoria's homesickness is reported to have been behind the Spice Girls' decision to cut their comeback tour short.

'Victoria is looking forward to it finishing,' a source tells The People.

'She was pretty distraught. She complained to David that the tour has got too much for her. She is a family woman and would rather be at home with her children.'

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