Tom Cruise was once Cher's lover

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Cher has revealed the shocking news that she dated Tom Cruise in the 80s.

The outspoken diva says he was a great boyfriend, despite the fact he was 16 years her junior.

'[Tom] was just the most adorable man you can possibly imagine,' she insists. 'But I don't understand the Scientology thing.'

Mmmm...but we can imagine what L. Ron Hubbard disciple Tom, now 45, might have seen in Cher. She was definitely on a different planet in her heyday.

The Hollywood diva, 61 - who is currently single - also confesses that she almost dated Elvis Presley.

'When he called I was just too frightened to go to Las Vegas with him for the weekend,' she tells Good Morning America. 'I regretted it – I regretted it forever.'

Meanwhile, Cher has announced a 3-year comeback show at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas – her first show will be on 6 May.

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